Brewery Bulletin: Eavesdrop Brewery

Eavesdrop Brewery is a lively and comfortable place for a night out with friends and was a welcomed escape on a rainy night like the one we experienced. The microbrewery and taproom are located directly off Centreville Road (Route 28) at 7223 Centreville Rd Suite 115, Yorkshire, VA 20111.


The large sign is a daily temptation while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic along congested Centreville Road. Constructed from an old racing pigeon loft, the interior of the taproom has the appearance and feel of a modern farmhouse. The experience can only improve in the summer with abundant outdoor space (draped with lights) especially since we were unable to try out the rooftop bar due to the dreary, rainy conditions. The outdoor area includes their garden for hops and other beer ingredients. It is definitely on the list as a must return in the warmer months. 

A wide variety of board games and TVs make Eavesdrop the ideal hangout spot. We agreed that it was one of the most fun evenings out we’ve had in some time. So close to a perfect atmosphere especially with their full calendar of fun events and tasty food options. Eavesdrop Brewery is a trendy hangout location for the older Millennial crowd who are looking for an alternative to the downtown bar scene. Given the night in the schedule, there’s something for everyone, and every person could find something fun. We would suggest it to our parents (older crowd) as a board game or live music type of night as well. 

Atmosphere Rating: 4.9/5


The bartender was manning a packed tasting room by himself and handled it well. He pointed us toward the Porter as his favorite. Uncle Fred’s BBQ Smoke Shack offered a delicious menu including BBQ Sundae, Mac & Meat Bowl, sausages and cheese fries. Uncle Fred’s BBQ is a regular at Eavesdrop Brewery with great service that we highly recommend.

Certainly, attentive and knowledgeable service that would encourage us to ask for more beer advice. Flights of beer come in options of 3, 5 or 10 drinks. The 3 beer flight came in a rustic carrying tray that kind of felt like carrying an old-timey lantern.

Service Rating: 4.1/5


Greg and Andrew leaned toward the Borealis-Bohemian Pilsner (6.5% abv) noting a subtle coffee-like flavor. The Gilded Feather – Belgian Golden Strong Ale (7.5% abv) grew on Greg as he became more accustomed to its surprisingly bitter taste after more sips.

Chris preferred the stronger saison they had on tap called Cher Ami (6.5% abv) noting that he would probably enjoy it even more on a sunny summer day.  A favorite among the group was the Black Talons – American Imperial Porter at a strong 8.5% abv. It’s roasty and rich qualities provided a perfect antidote to a cold and rainy night. Their extensive list of beers on tap is on a regular rotation and we’re excited to try the New England IPA.

Taste Rating: 4.4/5

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Final Rating: 4.5/5

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