Brewery Bulletin: Ono Brewing Company

The Open Tab boys decided to venture further outside of Manassas for this trip to Ono Brewing Company at 4520 Daly Drive Suite 102 in Chantilly, VA.


We entered Ono Brewing Company after work on Friday just before 6 p.m. EDT and discovered it was perfect timing to grab seats before the crowd came in. Among the tropical island decor, there was plenty of seating in the tasting room with additional seating outside under the comfort of umbrella tables. Televisions across the wall played March Madness games and there was a birthday party of adults (with their young children) occurring on the other side of the room.

The children caused no disruption and it became clear that this was a great environment for families especially for parents of young kids who want to go out for a drink without hiring a babysitter (Because if we’re being honest, they probably need a beer more than anyone).

Within the tasting room was a BBQ ordering station with an extensive menu. It was a Friday in Lent, so we Catholic boys tried the unique kimchi grilled cheese sandwich and really liked it. The brewery section of the building was able to be viewed through a window in the tasting room which was pretty cool to see. As an after dinner snack, we munched on the Old Bay popcorn that delivered a spicy punch.

Atmosphere Rating: 4.7/5


Since the tasting room featured a beer pouring wall, the staff was able to speak with guests and keep the establishment very clean. Even though there were no bartenders to interact with, staff members were friendly and polite. Glasses for pouring were always clean and well stocked.

Service Rating: 4.7/5


There was a great variety on tap and thanks to the self-pour aspect, just about all of the beers were tasted by at least one of us. A lot to like, but if we’re nitpicking, the negative would be that there is a lack of complex flavors that are truly unique. That being said, we really enjoyed the Hellyes Lager (5.25% abv) (Greg kept calling it Hell’s Eyes) and ending up buying a four pack of it to take home. The Manako (5% abv), an American wheat ale infused with mango, is widely promoted as their most popular beer on tap and provided an airy and tart fruity taste.

Taste Rating: 4.2/5

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Final Rating: 4.5/5