Brewery Bulletin: Twisted Pine Brewing Company

While on vacation in Boulder, Colorado, Andrew and his sister Alicia made a stop into Twisted Pine Brewing Company at 3201 Walnut St to try a couple of their famous spicy beers.


We arrived just before the 4pm happy hour commenced to guarantee a seat after a long day of hiking in the Flatirons of Boulder. Turns out we need not worry as Twisted Pine offers ample space around the bar and a large open seating tasting room with additional outdoor space for the nice weather days.  While it was initially quiet when we arrived at 3:30, as the 4pm-6pm happy hour rolled in things livened up fast with coworkers catching up after work and old friends sharing laughs. The brewery also included a full in-house food menu and a free tab for pouring your own water. An excellent happy hour spot the Open Tab crew would surely enjoy often were we Boulder residents!

Atmosphere Rating: 4.9/5


We chose a table just steps from the bar where three to four servers worked. Despite our close proximity to the bar itself, the servers came to our table and were quick to offer samples.  They checked in on us throughout the afternoon and were extremely helpful.  They were attentive and noticed when refills were required.

Service Rating: 5/5


Our main goal of this trip was to try Twisted Pine’s two spicy beers. Hopefully, on future trips to Boulder we are able to try some of their award winning and more decorated beers too.

Billy’s Chilies
5.2% ABV, 12 IBU: Featuring five peppers, it would be no surprise that the aroma is not of beer but of fresh peppers you could have just picked out of your garden. Upon sipping, the flavor of the five peppers hits you instantly. The heat of the jalapeño, Serrano, and habanero isn’t so instant. You feel a delayed burn particularly in the throat with a lingering burn. A favorite for two pepper lovers. No taste of alcohol. Be warned, if you don’t like peppers you won’t like this.

Ghost Face Killah 5.2% ABV, 23 IBU : Ghost Face brings the same five peppers of Billy’s Chillies with one notable addition: the second hottest pepper in the world, the Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper.  The flavor you get is unsurprisingly of the ghost pepper itself with fortunately not as much of the heat.  The heat is gradual and building and will burn you the more you drink.  Nothing to cause smoke to billow out the ears but quite the burn nonetheless. Be prepared!

Apricot in the Act 6.4% ABV, 12 IBU: To cool things down a bit we took to the Apricot in the Act. It’s a very fruity and tart beer. Guest blogger Andrew’s sister, Alicia recommends this choice if you’re a fan of fruity and bubbly wine and for those who may not quite be the typical beer drinkers.

The Pizza
: An unexpected gem. The flavor was fresh and amazing. They offer full customization and didn’t bat an eye on allergy requirements.  The crust was the perfect level of crunchiness and the oregano seasoning hit the spot. Pizza and beer, a match made in heaven and Twisted Pine nailed it.

If ever your travels bring you out to Boulder, Colorado (and they should) be sure to include Twisted Pine in your plans!

Taste Rating: 4.9/5


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Final Rating: 4.9/5

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