Brewery Bulletin: Mustang Sally Brewing Company

Our next stop on the Brewery Bulletin tour came on a rare weekday visit to Mustang Sally Brewing Company in Chantilly, Virginia, not far from Ono Brewing Company where the Open Tab team visited a few months earlier.


We arrived at Mustang Sally Brewing Company after work on a Tuesday around 6:00 p.m. EDT, just after their weekly happy hour special concluded. The setup was a little different than a lot of these micro breweries that have sort of the same long narrow room and don’t have much space left to right. Instead, this was a spacious taproom with plenty of area to spread out. There weren’t any special events occurring during our visit, but it seemed to be a location suited for all kinds of fun. Patrons were also sitting outside enjoying the nice weather. Off to the right of the taproom were assorted arcade-style games that we didn’t have the chance to try out, but would certainly be fun for another time.

Pana’s Arepas is their onsite dining option serving Latin American food with a twist (bratwurst was even included in some dishes). Their unique cuisine was delicious but it’s probably better for a snack than a full meal since it ran at a higher price for not a large quantity of food.

It’s difficult to think of a demographic that wouldn’t enjoy the setting since the large space is so accommodating. Enough room to spread out and catch up with friends or play one of the games for date night. This rating would likely be higher if we went on a busier day such as a Friday or Saturday. And you know what? The more we think about it, the more we would like to make a return visit. Without a doubt, a gratifying respite from the work week.

Atmosphere Rating: 4.4/5


Absolutely no complaints here. The bartender was friendly and helpful, even offering samples as we selected the beers in our flights. There were a few other tables of people there but it was far from crowded, so we were able to take our time. Our table was routinely cleared after we were politely asked if we were finished.

The onsite Pana’s guy was especially amiable and gave us detailed descriptions of each of the food items since most of them were unfamiliar to us.

Service Rating: 4.6/5


Greg usually goes for the New England IPAs and was quite pleased with the Halo FFX (7.2% abv, 34 ibu). Chris followed his recommendation and they both noted the airy wheat and grapefruit taste which made it their top choice. They also really liked Marcus’s pick, the refreshing Potomac Pils (5.1% abv, 28 ibu). Neck and neck with the Halo FFX was the Screaming Argonauts Double IPA (8.5% abv, 31 ibu) which tasted a lot lighter than expected considering its high alcohol content. The Argonauts really burst with tropical flavors. It was hard to put a finger on exactly which fruit aroma stood out, a complex taste that wasn’t at all overpowering.

The tap list is a little IPA heavy which is perfect for our group. But they certainly have options for those looking for less hoppy beers as well.

They also did a beer mixed with lemonade which was a fantastic finish to an evening out at the brewery. Can’t wait to try the other brews on tap!

Taste Rating: 4.6/5

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Final Rating: 4.5/5

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