Brewery Bulletin: Old Bust Head Brewing Company

Greg and his wife Everlyn have birthdays just one day apart. His parents, who had already visited, suggested that the family take a ride to Old Bust Head in Vint Hill Farms, VA to celebrate.


There was so much to love about the atmosphere here. An expansive tasting room was filled with long tables and there was additional seating outside in the front patio. We also noticed a smaller adjoined room which is probably the one they reserve for parties, but the whole place looked prime for a party. A large screen at the front of the tasting room was playing the Nationals baseball game. A peek behind it revealed a music stage with a drum set already positioned. Undoubtedly, the tasting room turns into a concert venue or trivia hall depending on the day of the week. Old Bust Head’s stacked events calendar further supports that. The vibe on this particular Sunday afternoon was very much a leisurely after-church family atmosphere. Music was playing over the speakers loud enough so you could hear the words but low enough so you didn’t have to shout over it.

Plenty of games were available to be played at the tables with everything from Jenga to Connect Four. In the corner of the room where the games were kept, there were also beers available for purchase to drink outside the premises along with tons of merchandise. Everlyn picked out a really cool trucker hat for Greg to add to his collection. There was a food truck in the back that we didn’t get the chance to try since we were on our way to dinner. From what we saw people eating, it looked like delicious quesadillas. While we cannot judge the taste of food, the scenic country drive out to the brewery certainly merits extra points.

Atmosphere Rating: 4.7/5


We were all served quickly and the bartenders offered to answer any questions. There was at least one person we noticed going around the tasting room clearing off the tables. Everything appeared to be exceptionally clean and organized. No complaints from anyone.

Service Rating: 4.5/5


Greg’s brother-in-law Ben raved about the Caramel Macchiato Stout (5.7% abv, 30 ibu) which was smooth and rich with an assertive, but not overpowering coffee flavor. Greg’s sister Alyssa chose the Spiced Mai Thai Gose (3.8% abv, 8 ibu) as her favorite, noting that it tasted kind of like spiced rum sans the rum and with tropical flavors. Greg’s mom is certainly not a beer drinker which is why he was initially surprised that she said she was a fan of OBH. But she opted for the seltzers, really enjoying the Orange Tangerine with its light and refreshing taste. After a night of tequila shots, Greg was in the mood for something lighter and refreshing as well. He found the Orange & Lime Margarita Gose (3.8% abv, 8 ibu) to be up to the task. It was flavorful and tasted very much like a classic margarita.

The bottom line is that Old Bust Head has a variety of great tasting beers on tap, and plenty of options for your friends who aren’t necessarily traditional beer drinkers. Plenty to impress brew aficionados too. Something for everyone here. Next time, we’ll have to grab a pack of the margarita beer which would be perfect for a late summer/early fall cookout.

Taste Rating: 4.6/5


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Final Rating: 4.6/5

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